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Easy to Install

Our wall stickers are pre-cut to the shape of each image. Simply remove each sticker from the sheet and stick to the wall without using any other adhesive or glue and our non-agressive adhesive makes the stickers easily removableRemovable
Our wall stickers are printed on an adhesive backed fabric with a 'removable' adhesive. The material comes off the wall easily without damaging the wall or leaving a sticky residue.

Can the Wall Stickers be repositioned? Yes, the adhesive on our stickers is removable allowing you to remove the sticker from the wall and place it in another locaton. This will allow you to test the placement of the stickers then move them if you want to make adjustments or even redecorate the room if you get tired of the way it looks. The stickers can be removed and reapplied many times without a problem.
when you want to re-decorate. For detailed sticker installation information, see our Sticker Installation (pdf) sheet

Variety of Themes

Our Wall Stickers, Wall Sticker Sheets and Letter Stickers are great for decorating your child's room. Our Wall Sticker themes fit well with the themes of our other products. Our Letter stickers are available in over 200 font style, in any size (1" to 15") and in all of our colors. Decorating your child's room in the theme you want is now simple. And with the large variety of colors and sizes, we are sure you will find just the right sticker to meet your needs.

Quality Materials

Our stickers are printed using UV resistant inks on an adhesive backed fabric that is specifically designed to be applied to painted walls and be easily removed. These stickers can be placed in high humidity locations like your bathroom as well as bedrooms (although they cannot be placed in locations that are wet such as in the bathtub or sink).

Custom Printed

All of our stickers are custom printed at the time the order is placed. This means that you will receive a brand new wall stickers with each order. This process typically takes 7 business days.

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