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We started My Growing Child when we were looking for growth charts for our own children. We were frustrated because we could not find the type of growth chart we were looking for. The only growth charts I found were designed to be attached to the wall with adhesive. I wanted a growth chart that was transportable so we could move to a different house or paint the current house without losing all the invaluable growth data recorded on the chart.

Also, there was not a very large variety of themes and images on the growth charts. The few I found were themes of popular children's television shows or movies. These did not match the theme my wife and I were creating in our children's rooms.

This led me to the idea of creating my own growth chart. There are plenty of hobby or craft plans for growth charts and I considered making one of those, but I realized that there had to be a number of parents also looking for growth charts but they didn't have the time, abilities or tools necessary to make these types of growth charts.

We decided to start our company selling growth charts printed on vinyl using UV resistant inks. Our printing methods are very flexible and also allow us to create any theme quickly and easily. We have since expanded our products to include wall stickers and letters and phrases. We continue to add new designs for all of our products and have plans for more types of customizable products in the future.

We create all of our designs and manufacture all of our products right here at our facility. Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A. This gives us the ability to design and manufacture new ideas quickly.

We are always looking for new ideas for themes. If you don't find the type of growth chart you are looking for on our Website please send us your suggestions on our Contact Us page.

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